snoopy's christmas

Christmas was nice this year, very laid back, just stayed at home and had a big Christmas lunch with Mum, siblings, Aunty & Uncle, little cousins, Grandma & Grandad. Main presents that I received were a pink hairdryer ^^, manicure set, a magenta "snoopy" t-shirt, grey & salmon-coloured print singlet, and some money. There were other little things too. I sold my old phone and put the money from that together with the money I got for christmas and got a phone off trademe.co.nz. Motorola V3X in Hot Pink. It's v. v. sexy ^^

Haha sorry for crappy webcam pics, camera is battery-less & I can't really take a pic of me & the phone while using the phones camera. Wouldn't really work...
Anyway, the phone has 2 cameras, one outside and one inside, so I can take pics of myself and see what it looks like before i take it =]

♥ ♥ ♥


tomato art?

While preparing some Tomato Salsa to eat with Corn Chips for my Christmas sleepover, I dropped the (plastic) bowl of salsa on the ground, it landed on its base (thank God) but little chunks of tomato and onion flew EVERYWHERE. There were splatters on the roof, on almost every cupboard door in the kitchen, all up the pantry door...
Thankfully, none landed on me. I think this party is cursed. I made a Polyvore set in honour of this catastrophic event to calm my nerves.

Oh, my. How stressful is this. Anyway, I better go buy some liquid sugar for the party to keep us awake! (Soft drink.) We're watching various movies including Mamma Mia. Can't wait!

opposite seasons

I was browsing through the Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear collections on Style.com when I came across Alexander Wang's collection. It was love at first sight. From the pale denim to the simple shapes and folds, I love everything about it. See what you think:

(Click to enlarge.)

It's a pity that Spring has just finished for us here. Why do our seasons have to be opposite to the Northern Hemisphere's? =[
I am having five, maybe six friends over tonight for a Christmas sleepover that I am hosting. I still have to get the food and beds sorted, so I'm stressing out about it. I'll tell you how it goes tomorrow.



I want everything in this post.
*polywhore lust*


get yer craft on

School has finished (on Tuesday) and I've been sitting at home, on the computer, being lazy, etc. etc. But... yesterday I was browsing through Craftster.org and I found some really awesome high waisted skirts/pinafores. So I decided to make a pinafore (looks like a high waisted skirt with straps). I found a tutorial and began sewing. It is the first article of clothing I have ever sewed in my entire life... so I'm quite pleased with it. Even though I almost tore it into zillions of pieces after having to move the zip about 9,067,895 times. Unpick, pin, sew, unpick, pin, sew...
Here it is:
Tell me whatcha think =]

(Skirt; homemade, $0. Singlet; Supre, $13. Tights; Farmers, $8. Cardi; Valleygirl, $20.)

*EDIT* I forgot to say that I didn't end up making the pinafore with straps, I just left it as a skirt as the straps were fiddly to sew and I was satisfied with it as a skirt.



harajuku girl (finally)

I finally went and charged the camera batteries so I could upload these pics for you guys! (I found them fully charged in the battery charger... so what if I'm lazy...) For those of you who don't know, these are pictures of my costume for a Harajuku-themed birthday party that I attended about a week ago.

The second picture is of me and three of my friends at the party. (A, Me, S, TJ.)

I am wearing loads of clips, a white headband, ribbons in my hair, pink sequin earrings, eight assorted necklaces, about 27 assorted bracelets, a white blouse, a pink silk nightdress with lace, a petticoat, two skirts, mid-calf length white socks and black ballet flats. I was going to wear false eyelashes but they didn't look right so I took them off.

And here is a pic of an outfit I wore a couple of days ago that I promised to post with the Harajuku pics.


polyvore madness

Seeing as I still haven't gotten around to charging the batteries for my camera, I decided to make some Polyvore sets to keep you company. They aren't anything overly special, just quick ones. The first one is dedicated to my good friend Dee from Viva La Juicy (to Dee: it features a Juicy Couture dress, watch & bag!), and the second one is just a group of tee's that I found cool. The rest are "celebrity style" ones.
The one that has a bike & "save the whales" on it took me about 30 seconds to get. Do you get it?
I laughed for about 30 minutes following my discovery. I want it!
Here you go;



harajuku girl

I have been invited to attend my friend Susie's Harajuku-themed birthday party tomorrow, and I have been fretting over what to wear for the past week. Today I threw some things together and they looked surprisingly good, I intend to post some pictures when I can be bothered charging the batteries in my camera. It decided to turn off just after I had taken some. I've also got some pictures of what I wore today, which includes my fire-engine red Lee skinny jeans - which I salvaged from Recycle Boutique on Queen Street in Auckland City for about $21 (NZD).
Anyway, here are some pictures of where I got my inspiration for this Harajuku-madness.
It's not usually my thing, but here goes!

To sum it all up; layers of skirts cause I don't own a full petticoat, socks, loads of bracelets + necklaces, clips galore, hair in two pony tails on the sides, full-on blusher, headbands, socks, uncomfortable too-small but amazingly cute jelly shoes I bought for $1 from a sales bin in JayJay's, a white blouse + an old lacy nightdress. Yep. Doesn't that sound lovely. It's extremely hot wearing all that stuff, but looks gorge.

Night all!


back already...

Okay, so that was most likely the shortest hiatus ever.
I've been looking at the Ancient Egyptian-themed runway images that have recently been posted on Style.com and love them. Ever since I was a little doe-eyed, freckled, giggly child, I've been interested in Ancient Egypt. Especially the mythology and fashion aspects of it. Coming across these pictures is most likely the reason why my hiatus didn't last very long, I felt a need to share them with you all.

I. Love. It.
I must purchase some metallic-gold gladiator sandals for summer. They surely are Egyptian-inspired, plus they conform to the latest gladiator craze that has hit the shores of New Zealand.
Will post more soon,
Au revoir!



You may have realized that I haven't posted in ages.
I don't really have much time for AB,NB right now, maybe if I have spare time in the holiday's I'll take it up again, but we'll see.
Thanks for the support as of yet.


how did we get here?

I found a gorgeous scarf of mum's that I used to play dress-up with when I was little, and decided to use it in an outfit. The outfit's fairly simple, but this weekend was Labour Weekend, we got today (Monday) off school, making this a three day weekend, so I made plans with friends. I hope you like. Oh, and I added some more Polyvore sets because of all the nice comments you all posted on the last ones. Thank you!

Scarf: mum's. Singlet: Supre. Skinny jeans: JayJay's. Boots: Hannah's.

I have found an amazing and breathtaking piece of writing on DeviantArt by ~Miss-Deathwish. Here's the link if you wanna take a look, it's really moving. Almost reminds me of Twilight, but with it's own bittersweet roots.
fivethousandfourhundredseventy by ~Miss-Deathwish


floral dresses and iced tea

It's supposed to be Spring here in New Zealand, but last night there was a fierce storm complete with flashes of lightning and foundation-shaking thunder. I was babysitting my younger siblings, and after they went to bed I sat on the couch watching Gossip Girl while biting my fingernails in anxiety at the maelstrom outside.
Scary stuff.
Today, it's miserable, grey, rainy...
If the weather was acting as it should (Spring-like), here's what I'd like to be wearing:

Love those dresses so much.
First dress is from Forever 21 and second dress is Miu Miu.

Reasons why I will not be getting either of these dresses anytime soon:
a) I cannot afford to ship a dress from the USA to New Zealand
b) I cannot afford Miu Miu

How depressing. I guess the weather is affecting my personality. I need some upbeat music...


glow like a... glowstick?

I'm going to a dance party tonight and have to dress in fluorescent colours! I've been to one before and they have these special lights there that makes white things glow, here's what I'm wearing:
Tell me what you think, and I'll tell you how it goes!


bench pressin'

When the going gets tough, throw on a simple outfit and take pictures of yourself on the bench...
That quote would have worked if the going had gotten tough, but life's pretty sweet at the moment. Here are todays pics:

Thank God there's a timer on my camera, and I don't have to pose in front of people.
I played around more on Polyvore today... So. Freaking. Addictive.

So hard to stop...


i just laddered my stockings

I actually did just ladder my stockings. Hopefully the ladder won't grow too much cause I just found them in the back of my drawers.

Bangle: Equip. Singlet: JayJay's. Jersey: thrift. Belt: childhood wardrobe. Skirt: Glassons. Tights: used to be mums. Ballet Flats: K-Mart. Necklace: gift.

The stockings in the pictures above are the ones that I've just laddered.. But I love their translucent-ness. Argh. I think I might cry.
This outfit is pretty average, not very colourful, just your everyday chuck-on-whatever's-nearby. The pattern on the jersey is pretty rad, zigzag stripes in turquoise and black, with gold buttons. It's grown on me since I first got it.

Recently, I've started reading the amazing blog Flying Saucer (http://flyingsaucer.typepad.com) and am loving Selina's style.

I love that red colour in her dress and skirt above.

you know you love me

"Gossip Girl here; your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. Xoxo, Gossip Girl."

Gossip Girl season one began about 7-8 weeks ago here in New Zealand. I know we are far behind here in the land down under, but I prefer to sit down in front of the television every Friday night and watch the scandal rather than view it online, where it uses up my precious broadband.
I am in love with Blake Lively's style, and the clothing that the female characters wear on set are amazing. I am
très vert avec la jalousie (don't know if that's correct, I cheated and used freetranslation.com because I don't listen in French class...).

Today I registered at Polyvore, and made a few Gossip Girl-themed sets. They were very quickly made so the quality may not quite be up to scratch, oh well.

I am officially addicted to Polyvore... this could be dangerous.
Oh well, they provide good inspiration and they're fun to make too!

You know you love me,


floral funk

Couture: Fall 2008, Christian Lacroix

I love the fabric used in the top left gown. All of these outfits are perfectly balanced and look amazing. I would wear any of them.

Oh and I found something awesome + very geek chic that I am drooling over...