floral dresses and iced tea

It's supposed to be Spring here in New Zealand, but last night there was a fierce storm complete with flashes of lightning and foundation-shaking thunder. I was babysitting my younger siblings, and after they went to bed I sat on the couch watching Gossip Girl while biting my fingernails in anxiety at the maelstrom outside.
Scary stuff.
Today, it's miserable, grey, rainy...
If the weather was acting as it should (Spring-like), here's what I'd like to be wearing:

Love those dresses so much.
First dress is from Forever 21 and second dress is Miu Miu.

Reasons why I will not be getting either of these dresses anytime soon:
a) I cannot afford to ship a dress from the USA to New Zealand
b) I cannot afford Miu Miu

How depressing. I guess the weather is affecting my personality. I need some upbeat music...


fairy queen said...

Ugh, the weather was Terible.. so nice this morning I walked out of the house wearing a floral dress like the forever 21, and then WOOSH, the rain came and I ran inside, resorting to jeans and a cardigan, what I've been wearing for the last 3 months.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Those dresses are gorgeous! :)

Thanks for checking out the v-log!

xo/ fashion chalet

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw sounds like a bad storm you had, glad it's over, but sorry it's still gray and rainy. It's like that today here too!

But these polyvore sets are gorgeous I especially like the first one! :)

Thanks so much, by the way, for your great comment! :)


J.Yo said...

gray day vs floral dresses.
what a battle you had..! LOL

move here to my place, where it's 75.2 F all day almost all year.

Anonymous said...

sowie...terrible feelings in bad weather.. i actually hate stormy weather. too scary.

Mimi said...

Love the necklace watch and these cute,bright dresses.

styledigger said...

Ooooh I love these dresses soo much!!! But unfortunately I don't think they'tr shipping to Poland too.

yiqin; said...

Ohmy, the miu miu one is to die for. Too bad it is so out of my budget too :(

Bella said...

Both are fantastic!