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silhouette masterpiece theatre

Wilhelm Staehle
Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

So, I was just browsing teh internetz when I came across this epic site. I stopped using the word epic a while ago. But this site is epic-worthy. Take a peek ppl.


you were a sell-out but you couldn't even do that right

I need a job. I am suffering from shopping withdrawal. =[
aztec goddess


alice ate too much

Haven't updated in agez. Sorry bout that guys. Been kinda busy with the whole starting school/doing 7 weeks of school and not being bothered to blog cause I'm lazy and have homework and assessments etc. since I'm a senior now. I am going to get shouted at and forced to go to bed any second cause it's 11:05pm, school night. Today I looked through an Art Gallery which came to our school in a bus with the other students in my Art class. There were some amazing pieces (one was a ceramic "treasure box" with intricate designs on it called Alice Ate Too Much) and some... strange... ones. Anyway, here are some polyvore sets that I made yesterday night, and one just now. Hope you enjoy.

girls day out
classic chic


15th Year

15th Birthday
I'm turning 15 today.
Nine of my friends are coming over at 6pm and seven are staying the night.
Can't wait!

Yesterday I made a few Polyvore sets with make-up instead of clothing. It was actually really fun! Here's some of the stuff I made:

leighton meester
blake lively
Annalynne McCord

And some other ones that I've made:

miu miu
Ashley Olsen Style 1
blushing beauty

Well, I'm off to clean the house... since no one else is really doing it... and get everything ready for the party.



pencil lust

I want want want these pencils.
They would seriously inspire me to draw. Seriously.
I swear there is every colour known to man in there.

i need a job.


happy new year!

I hope everyone has an awesome 2009 and that you all achieve what you are aiming to achieve.