Steal Her Style: Taylor Momsen

taylor momsen winter
taylor momsen summer dress
taylor momsen summer style

taylor momsen uniform chic


Bella said...

The last outfit is amazing!!

Seriously, she's come such a long way from St. Louis and The Grinch... lol-xxx

Lluviaschick said...

I dont really like taylor but love the chanel jacket she is wearing in the first pic

Demi said...

I think shes my favourite of them all...her and serena :)
love these outfits, you found fabulous matches to hers!


BeccaBOX said...

i live in the lovely town of napierr. what about you?
If we did have a vogue here, i dont think it would be nearly as good as the others though, for instance the british vogue is extremely amazing, where as im not nearly as fond of australian vogue, it just not as cool as the british one. but so far i cant find anywhere that sells american vogue.

BeccaBOX said...

i sure do know where otane is, we have a batch in pourere which is through there, i enjoy it as having a goood general store and being the last place with cellphone reception before i get plunged into iscolation.
yep, it good, i just always think it seems sort of... amateur? like british vogue is sort of really high end... i sound like such a snob, but it makes sense in my head.