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silhouette masterpiece theatre

Wilhelm Staehle
Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

So, I was just browsing teh internetz when I came across this epic site. I stopped using the word epic a while ago. But this site is epic-worthy. Take a peek ppl.


you were a sell-out but you couldn't even do that right

I need a job. I am suffering from shopping withdrawal. =[
aztec goddess


alice ate too much

Haven't updated in agez. Sorry bout that guys. Been kinda busy with the whole starting school/doing 7 weeks of school and not being bothered to blog cause I'm lazy and have homework and assessments etc. since I'm a senior now. I am going to get shouted at and forced to go to bed any second cause it's 11:05pm, school night. Today I looked through an Art Gallery which came to our school in a bus with the other students in my Art class. There were some amazing pieces (one was a ceramic "treasure box" with intricate designs on it called Alice Ate Too Much) and some... strange... ones. Anyway, here are some polyvore sets that I made yesterday night, and one just now. Hope you enjoy.

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