how did we get here?

I found a gorgeous scarf of mum's that I used to play dress-up with when I was little, and decided to use it in an outfit. The outfit's fairly simple, but this weekend was Labour Weekend, we got today (Monday) off school, making this a three day weekend, so I made plans with friends. I hope you like. Oh, and I added some more Polyvore sets because of all the nice comments you all posted on the last ones. Thank you!

Scarf: mum's. Singlet: Supre. Skinny jeans: JayJay's. Boots: Hannah's.

I have found an amazing and breathtaking piece of writing on DeviantArt by ~Miss-Deathwish. Here's the link if you wanna take a look, it's really moving. Almost reminds me of Twilight, but with it's own bittersweet roots.
fivethousandfourhundredseventy by ~Miss-Deathwish


Susanna-Cole said...

Lovely outfit, those boots are AMAZING! And I simply adore your Polyvore sets, especially the second one! :)

Thanks for your sweet comment, by the way! :)


DaisyChain said...

Great scarf and those boots are to die for <3

Wendy said...

Those boots are truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

these outfits are chic! and how did u feel wen u found that old scarf?? i wudav had a huge grin...hehehe

Bella said...

The scarf is lovely, as are those killer boots. And WOW on your Polyvore creations... gorgeous!

Kat said...

the dress and the glasses are just adorable!

kate5kiwis said...

*beep* back atcha chick, mum just sent me your blog addy (ohk, about three hours ago mum sent me your blog addy - go sitemeter lol)

love your flavour here.
covet your boots. yeah, i do.
mwah X
PS not sure if this interests ya?
it's written by yasmine, a girl i taught when she was six - and now she's o-l-d. well, i think she's still young... you'll probably think she's o-l-d.
it's art beauty culture fashion music shoes style...
peace out, chicken X

Demi said...

fabulous scarf and those boots are gorgeous!

just Ivy said...

Cool scarf. Nifty shoes to go with that sweet dress. Twilight inspired, aye? cool.

gossip guy

Susanna-Cole said...

Thanks for your comment, to answer your question... Well there are picture credits with links at the end of each blog entry, so you can see exactly where the photos I used came from, however in general I usually find my pictures through www.flickr.com, http://ffffound.com, and various photographer's sites... really, I find them all over the place! :)


intan bercerita said...

your scarf so amazing!
i like the color of your scarf