i just laddered my stockings

I actually did just ladder my stockings. Hopefully the ladder won't grow too much cause I just found them in the back of my drawers.

Bangle: Equip. Singlet: JayJay's. Jersey: thrift. Belt: childhood wardrobe. Skirt: Glassons. Tights: used to be mums. Ballet Flats: K-Mart. Necklace: gift.

The stockings in the pictures above are the ones that I've just laddered.. But I love their translucent-ness. Argh. I think I might cry.
This outfit is pretty average, not very colourful, just your everyday chuck-on-whatever's-nearby. The pattern on the jersey is pretty rad, zigzag stripes in turquoise and black, with gold buttons. It's grown on me since I first got it.

Recently, I've started reading the amazing blog Flying Saucer (http://flyingsaucer.typepad.com) and am loving Selina's style.

I love that red colour in her dress and skirt above.


selinaoolala said...

aww thank you!!

DaisyChain said...

Thank you so much for dropping by my site!

I always ladder tights my first time wearing them. It costs me a fortune!

Wina said...

Hi! SOOO glad to stumble upon ur blog. I live in Sydney, so if any of your fashion interests me, I'd know where to go! I love all the shops that you mentioned cos they're cheap yet so chic! Bardot is <3! Do drop by my blog, I'm a newbie : )

fairy queen said...

ugh.. I know how you feel. tear. haha.. I Love Self Promotion!