playing dress up

So I guess this is my first mini photoshoot. I stole a whole lot of stuff out of mums closet that she doesn't often wear. See what you think...
Blouse: JayJays, Belt: childhood, Trousers: back of mum's wardrobe.

Singlet (underneath): Supré. Blouse: Glassons. Skirt, scarf, black shoes, white shoes: mum's.

I love this high waisted skirt of mum's, would be better if it was pencil. I need a good pencil skirt. Excuse my odd-coloured legs, it's the light in the room. The inset shows the sleeve of the blouse, which I usually wear pushed up over my elbows cause I like the look better, plus it's more comfortable.

Mooks tee: thrift. Cardigan: Cotton On. Necklace: gift. Wayfarers, belt: used to be mum's. Shorts: JayJays.

I was so excited when I found mum's old Ray-Ban Wayfarers the other day. They're quite a hefty price to buy them new and mum bought them back in the early 90's but doesn't wear them much anymore. Mooks tee was also another score, it's a bit big but I just tell everyone it's "oversized". Please excuse the awful pose on the 2nd picture above. The other full picture of the outfit was blurry but I didn't know until I uploaded it.

As for "JayJays", "Glassons", "Supr
é" and "Cotton On", they are all well known chain stores here in New Zealand. JayJays and Cotton On are probably quite similar to American Apparel, but Glassons and Supré only have women's clothing. Wheeee I sound so boring in this post, no puns or anything... I'm a bit tired though so I shall use that as my excuse. Okay people, I am tired, do not shun me for being boring.

Shun the non believers, not the tired-and-therefore-boring.


fairy queen said...

Hey. I saw your comment on TAVI.. Your 14 from NZ??? Coincidence MUCH???.. I'm not really into the same type of stuff as you (at all really) but I like the way you style it all.

The Spelunkers said...

I likez the pants.