get yer craft on

School has finished (on Tuesday) and I've been sitting at home, on the computer, being lazy, etc. etc. But... yesterday I was browsing through Craftster.org and I found some really awesome high waisted skirts/pinafores. So I decided to make a pinafore (looks like a high waisted skirt with straps). I found a tutorial and began sewing. It is the first article of clothing I have ever sewed in my entire life... so I'm quite pleased with it. Even though I almost tore it into zillions of pieces after having to move the zip about 9,067,895 times. Unpick, pin, sew, unpick, pin, sew...
Here it is:
Tell me whatcha think =]

(Skirt; homemade, $0. Singlet; Supre, $13. Tights; Farmers, $8. Cardi; Valleygirl, $20.)

*EDIT* I forgot to say that I didn't end up making the pinafore with straps, I just left it as a skirt as the straps were fiddly to sew and I was satisfied with it as a skirt.


keira antoia rose said...

I adore the skirt. It's very chic, something I would def buy. Your outfit is lovely.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Teabagstains said...

aww your cute! really like the skirt:) and thankyou for the comment and the glasses i think they were wayfarers!

J.Yo said...

here's what i think:
it's SUPER GORGEOUS!!! i can't believe it's your first sewing!!

cute! i'll be checking the site out, girl!

Zany Style said...

nice............. love it too much.... GIVE ME THAT SKIRT!
Lmao, jk.....or am I?


Ps. sorry if I freaked you out!

Rosa C. said...

wow that skirt is amazing! sooo much better than my first attempt at making a skirt :) please send me the link to the tutorial!