polyvore madness

Seeing as I still haven't gotten around to charging the batteries for my camera, I decided to make some Polyvore sets to keep you company. They aren't anything overly special, just quick ones. The first one is dedicated to my good friend Dee from Viva La Juicy (to Dee: it features a Juicy Couture dress, watch & bag!), and the second one is just a group of tee's that I found cool. The rest are "celebrity style" ones.
The one that has a bike & "save the whales" on it took me about 30 seconds to get. Do you get it?
I laughed for about 30 minutes following my discovery. I want it!
Here you go;



Zoƫ said...

woahhh you are really good at polyvore! hhaa

J.Yo said...

whoa! its like reading a magazine! so cool!

Bella said...

Love it! All of it!