snoopy's christmas

Christmas was nice this year, very laid back, just stayed at home and had a big Christmas lunch with Mum, siblings, Aunty & Uncle, little cousins, Grandma & Grandad. Main presents that I received were a pink hairdryer ^^, manicure set, a magenta "snoopy" t-shirt, grey & salmon-coloured print singlet, and some money. There were other little things too. I sold my old phone and put the money from that together with the money I got for christmas and got a phone off trademe.co.nz. Motorola V3X in Hot Pink. It's v. v. sexy ^^

Haha sorry for crappy webcam pics, camera is battery-less & I can't really take a pic of me & the phone while using the phones camera. Wouldn't really work...
Anyway, the phone has 2 cameras, one outside and one inside, so I can take pics of myself and see what it looks like before i take it =]

♥ ♥ ♥


Demi said...

sounds like you had a great christmas!
and nice phone

Bella said...

Hey beauty... glad you had a nice holiday. Wishing you an even better new year!