tomato art?

While preparing some Tomato Salsa to eat with Corn Chips for my Christmas sleepover, I dropped the (plastic) bowl of salsa on the ground, it landed on its base (thank God) but little chunks of tomato and onion flew EVERYWHERE. There were splatters on the roof, on almost every cupboard door in the kitchen, all up the pantry door...
Thankfully, none landed on me. I think this party is cursed. I made a Polyvore set in honour of this catastrophic event to calm my nerves.

Oh, my. How stressful is this. Anyway, I better go buy some liquid sugar for the party to keep us awake! (Soft drink.) We're watching various movies including Mamma Mia. Can't wait!


♥ fashion chalet said...

MK all the wayyy! :)


J.Yo said...

aw! how tragic, but the tomato acident is honoured by a polyvore? aww, how nice! LOL

mamma mia? save me a seat!

Demi said...

Oooh I love tomato red! and oh no about your distaster!!
have a fun sleepover!!

also, have a fantastic christmas and new year!!

Bella said...

Such a vixen color... I love this!


Goldie Locks said...

Great collage...love that dress :)

Bente said...

mamma mia is one of my favourite movies. nice collage, i love the dress!